4 Reasons Why Influencer Voices Are Louder Than Others

Social media influencers are quickly becoming the showiest voices in the marketing world and businesses are eager to find them, partner up and create that fundamental association between influencer and brand.

It’s happening everywhere from A-list celebrities down to smaller powerful bloggers who have millions of online followers and swaying powers that are skyrocketing sales.

Numbers Speak Louder Than Words

A recent survey showed 84% of marketers intend on applying at least one influencer marketing movement during 2017 with almost 60% of fashion and beauty brands having one already in place.

This fresh technique is working so well because it isn’t limited to mainstream markets. There are also influencers in wide markets from ‘mama and bub’ ballet classes to smoothie brands and travel companies.

The Bachelorette’s ex-journalist Georgia Love has gained a huge social media following after her TV success and fit blogger Mum Sophie Guidolin promotes products all throughout her Instagram.

With 47% of online consumers using ad blockers there is a push for brands to put their money behind influencers.

Can you think of the last time you didn’t zone out on something else when the commercial break came on television?

Instead you whip out your phone, scroll through Instagram where you see your favourite influencers promoting brands and products. It’s personalised and reaching you a lot more effectively.

More Targeted/Engaging/Affordable

In 2017 if we want something we grab our phone, search for what we need, where we need it, when we need it, at a price we want it. The power we hold is so simple and accessible.

Targeted, personalised marketing strategies are booming in sales and motivating the customer journey, overtaking the billboard ads that are plastered everywhere the buyer isn’t looking.

If you’re a passenger on the road are you reading the huge billboards on the highway or are you scrolling through your Facebook feed?

This chart dissects the average cost of each channel, non-traditional and traditional.


Fresh Methods, Constant Evolution & New Areas

Generation Y has forever been in the naughty corner for spending too much time on their phones but they’ve managed to turn this trend into an amazing tool.

One enormous staying power is attributed to the fact that social media keeps evolving. It works in beautifully with new technology, continually exceeds users’ expectations and competes within itself to create new and improved features.

Social media was created for us to easily communicate online. Now, social media is evolving in new communicative areas. Many offer means of customer service, some are social storytelling mediums and others are used at a more professional communication level.

People’s Top Choice For Customer Care

64% of millennials believe social media is a highly effective customer service channel and they love to use this outlet to communicate their concerns and experiences.

Social media is an open platform where all customers have the right to leave comments and feedback, positive or negative, for the rest of the online world to see.

The 2016 Sprout Social chart confirms that a higher number of people prefer social media as the best customer care avenue.


Some influencers have made huge names and careers for themselves and their associated brand. Who pops into mind for you when reading this article? Who do you associate with what brand?

(Header image source: https://www.instagram.com/louise.thompson/)


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