Bloggers Raising The Bar In Marketing

If you’re the writer of a buzzing online blog in 2017 you’ve hit the jackpot.

Your followers see you as much more than just a writer; they see a creative visionary, an entrepreneur, and a trendsetter.

With a study showing teens’ emotional attachment to YouTube stars is 7X greater than their traditional celebrities, it’s no surprise that some bloggers wield more influence than celebrities.

With millions of fans constantly reading and scrolling through social media accounts, it’s the intimate blog writers that give real, raw and relatable input who are becoming the successors of social media.

The unique value of an influencer’s blog is the sole reason why people gravitate toward them for instruction, inspiration, entertainment and advice. The uniqueness of their work is the reason influencers attract and keep followers.


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Have you noticed how many hilariously authentic blogs written by our social media Mums are circling the web in 2017?

These imaginative talents use their online power to design and retail their own kids clothing, create chemical free baby products and share their clean-eating food recipes for kids.

Then there’s the driven young women so passionate about beauty and make-up that they are creating stunning blogs showcasing their art, communicating what products they prefer and working hard to build an admired profile on social media.

Why are we drawn to particular blogs and what these people have to say? Do we find them entertaining?

Or does our attraction come from being able to read, learn and apply it to our own lives?

A brilliant, successful blogger that has made an inspiring career out of putting her life in the limelight is Gold Coast based Sophie Guidolin. She is a flawless example of an ordinary-turned-extraordinary mum who is making waves in both the social media and health and wellness space.

After writing a blog about her journey with weight gain after birth and how she adopted a healthier lifestyle with food choices and exercise, readers fell in love with Sophie and helped her to become an Internet sensation.

Sophie is very engaged with her followers; something that FORBES says creates immense success with marketing influencers and brands.

“In return, a brand receives intangible benefits like authenticity, a unique point of view, deeper storytelling and the potential of reaching a more tailored audience.”

Sophie has now grown to have 349K followers on her Instagram account, runs a successful YouTube account and has found ways to innovate on and off the Web.

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She has released recipe books, was named a brand ambassador for the Fitness Institute of Australia, created a fitness and nutrition program brand called “TheBod”, opened her own gym and has crafted customised merchandise.

Sophie now has brands screaming out to have her endorse their products with Hello Hair natural hair care, EBONiiVORY teeth whitening, Be.Coyote makeup and 180 Nutrition super foods all currently using Sophie’s face as a promotional tool.

At the end of the day, not all brands can afford to spend the big bucks on Mila Kunis or Tom Hardy, so discovering people like Sophie is a marketing company’s absolute dream in 2017.

Given their sheer power, do you agree and think it’s worth small businesses considering how they could work with bloggers to spark brand awareness and initiate sales?

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